The Exaramel backdoor, discovered by ESET in 2018, resurfaces in a campaign hitting companies that use an outdated version of a popular IT monitoring tool

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As dating apps experience a boom amid COVID-19, losses to romance scams soar too

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The vaccination push provides a vital shot in the arm for the world’s battle against the pandemic, but it’s also a topic ripe for exploitation by fraudsters and purveyors of misinformation

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High-severity and critical bugs disclosed in 2020 outnumber the sum total of vulnerabilities reported 10 years prior

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ESET’s Q4 2020 threat report is out – How smart sex toys can ruin your privacy – Protecting water supply systems

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While you’re living out your fantasies, your internet-enabled sex toy may be setting you up for a privacy nightmare

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What can municipalities do to better protect their water supply systems?

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This month’s relatively humble bundle of security updates fixes 56 vulnerabilities, including a zero-day bug and 11 flaws rated as critical

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While the incursion was thwarted in time, cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure are a major cause for concern

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A view of the Q4 2020 threat landscape as seen by ESET telemetry and from the perspective of ESET threat detection and research experts

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