Our company has been using the services of Advantage Computers since 2006. It was important to find a reliable company to provide us with the technical support both onsite and offsite.
It was through a recommendation that we contacted Advantage to have them provide us with a quote to install a new server and update our computer system. The pricing for the work was very competitive and fair. We found the staff to be very friendly and technical representatives to possess a vast amount of knowledge in a multitude of areas from hardware to software.
One such representative who possesses those attributes is Zack, whom I personally have dealt with for the past 8 years. Zack has personally worked with our company since the beginning and 
any time we had a question or problem, whether it be large or small, our questions were answered and problems resolved very expeditiously. To say the least, I was very pleased with the overall service Zack and his company consistently provided.
If Zack wasn’t available at a critical time, then there was always someone else to assist. Not long after using Advantage, our company decided to relocate from its North Jersey office to a location in South Jersey. In preparing for our move I was concerned with what was going to happen with the support and service Advantage was providing. I did not want to search for another company in the area to provide us with support and service for our computer system. After speaking with Zack, he provided a quote to move our equipment to the new location and continue with our support and service. Zack assured me that he would be able to address almost any technical issue remotely without having to be onsite, which was one of my biggest concerns. I can say since our relocation, we had several critical issues that Advantage (Zack) was able to rectify remotely without requiring a site visit.

As always, Zack and Advantage Computers has provided our company with the support and service we have come to expect and would highly recommend them for any computer needs, whether it be from sales, support or service.

John Mezzina