In many cases, exceptional people do not receive recognition for their hard work and superior customer service. We do not want this to be one of those times. Zack Rahhal has been our hardware and technical consultant for our servers, Pc’s and other technical equipment since April 2004 and has provided valuable input and courteous service to my organization. In addition, he has helped set up remote computer access so we can conduct business matters at home and on business trips. For all his support, we want to THANK ZACK for his outstanding efforts over the years.

Cambridge Pavers Inc. has relied heavily on Advantage Computer Solutions resources to select and install servers, firewall, data security and disaster recovery systems. Their help in PC installation and support has been excellent and timely which has negated any computer downtime or virus infection. Our Internet and Microsoft Outlook features have been devised to limit users from non-business related areas which improved employee efficiencies and lowered our SPAM mail.

Advantage Computer Solutions efforts have kept our server, PC’s, telephone system and other equipment running 24/7 without any hiccups which has improved our customer service capabilities. In one year, they also helped negotiate better prices for equipment and supplies that saved our company costs by 40%.

In this fast-paced world, companies are not taking the time to “do the right thing” for their customers. Advantage Computers does their homework and provides the best solution for our company. We would not think about going anywhere else.