Up close with the Evilnum group and its eponymous malware – A severe flaw in networking gear – Router firmware under the microscope

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A study paints a dim picture of router security, as none of the 127 devices tested was free of severe vulnerabilities

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While logins to music and video streaming services sell for less than ten dollars each, domain admin access is being offered for US$120,000

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ESET research gives a detailed picture of the operations of the Evilnum group and its toolkit deployed in attacks against carefully chosen targets in the fintech sector

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The vulnerability, which received the highest possible severity score, leaves thousands of devices at risk of being taken over by remote attackers. A patch is available.

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How (over)sharing your children’s triumphs and antics with the world may impact their immediate and distant future – and how to reduce the risks of ‘sharenting’

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The Federal Reserve looks at ways to counter what is thought to be the fastest-growing type of financial crime in the country

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Brute-force attacks against RDP surge – Is contact tracing the answer to ending the COVID-19 crisis? – Microsoft ships urgent security updates

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European police infiltrate EncroChat, go on to crack down on crime kingpins and seize guns, drugs, cars and millions in cash

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The cybercriminal behind the ransom raids on almost 23,000 databases threatens to leak the data and alert GDPR regulators

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