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Al, Nasser and Zack have been keeping our operations going for over a decade, taking care of our regular upgrades and our emergency system problems. When we have an emergency, they make it their emergency. Its like having a cousin in the business.

lenny steinbach
Lucille Laundry - Monroe St Passaic NJ
July 26, 2016

In many cases, exceptional people do not receive recognition for their hard work and superior customer service. We do not want this to be one of those times. Zack Rahhal has been our hardware and technical consultant for our servers, Pc’s and other technical equipment since April 2004 and has provided valuable input and courteous service to my organization. In addition, he has helped set up remote computer access so we can conduct business matters at home and on business trips. For all his support, we want to THANK ZACK for his outstanding efforts over the years.

Cambridge Pavers Inc. has relied heavily on Advantage Computer Solutions resources to select and install a server, firewall, data security and disaster recovery systems. Their help in PC installation and support has been excellent and timely which has negated any computer downtime or virus infection. Our Internet and Microsoft Outlook features have been devised to limit users from non-business related areas which improved employee efficiencies and lowered our SPAM mail.

Advantage Computer Solutions efforts have kept our server, PC’s, telephone system and other equipment running 24/7 without any hiccups which has improved our customer service capabilities. In one year, they also helped negotiate better prices for equipment and supplies that saved our company costs by 40%.

In this fast-paced world, companies are not taking the time to “do the right thing” for their customers. Advantage Computers does their homework and provides the best solution for our company. We would not think about going anywhere else.


I became a customer about 6-7 months and I can say nothing but great things about this business.  Zack takes care of me.  I am an attorney and operate my own small firm. I have limited knowledge of computers. Zack is very patient in explaining things. He has offered practical and economical solutions to multiple problems. Their billing is very reasonable. Zack is very fair and knowledgeable. He responds promptly to calls. I would recommend him/them to my family and closest friends. Thank you

NicK T.
West New York, NJ
May 12, 2016

THANK GOD for this local computer repair business who saved me hundreds, my hard drive was messed up, i called the company with warranty they said it would be $600,  I went in they did a quick diagnostic, and based on his observations he gave me a step by step of the possible problems and how much to fix, thankfully it was a quick fix and it was ready by the next day for pickup, they called me when i was done, courteous service, great prices, Thanks!!! LIFE SAVERS i paid less than 100, wayy less

Desirée A.
East Rutherford, NJ
April 19, 2016

I don’t have enough words to express my appreciation for Nassar and Paul, and the other members of Advantage Computer Solutions. I live in Bergen County and travel to Passaic County because of the trust I have in the competence and honesty of Advantage Computers. What a blessing to have such seasoned and caring professionals available to service my computer. The company has deep respect for its customers. I am very pleased as I have been using their services successfully since 2010.

Amy Neustein
March 5, 2016

Advantage Computer Solutions is absolutely great.  They show up, do what they say they are going to, complete the job without issues (my other computer companies had to keep coming back to fix things they “forgot” to do….) and are fairly priced.  Zack is awesome, reliable, dependable, knowledgeable….everything you want in a computer solutions vendor.

Holly Kaplansky
February 26, 2016

Knowledgeable, Reliable, Reasonable
Working with Advantage Computers since 1997 for both personal and business tech support has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Rewarding, in that the staff is very knowledgeable, approaching needs and issues in a very straightforward, common sense manner, resulting in timely solutions and resolutions. Enjoyable, these guys are really friendly (not techie geeks) and very easy to talk to and discuss your computer needs with. Again, the solutions developed and proposed are always straightforward and sensible. We highly recommend their services to businesses and individuals alike.

Ben Rowner, Operations Specialist at MR Capital Group, Inc

Excellent service!  I am the administrator for a busy medical office which relies heavily on our computer system.  We have used Advantage Computer Solutions for installation, set-up and for service.  The response time is immediate and the staff is often able to provide help remotely.  Very affordable and honest…. A++!!!  Essex Surgical relies on Advantage Computer Solutions.

Advantage offers great advice and service
I bought parts for my gaming pc online and they put it together in a day for a great price. They are very professional. I was very satisfied with their service. I am a newbie in terms of PC gaming so they gave me great advice on this new piece of equipment!

Clifton NJ
February 18, 2015

Our company has been using the services of Advantage Computers since 2006. It was important to find a reliable company to provide us with the technical support both onsite and offsite.
It was through a recommendation that we contacted Advantage to have them provide us with a quote to install a new server and update our computer system. The pricing for the work was very competitive and fair. We found the staff to be very friendly and technical representatives to possess a vast amount of knowledge in a multitude of areas from hardware to software.
One such representative who possesses those attributes is Zack, whom I personally have dealt with for the past 8 years. Zack has personally worked with our company since the beginning and 
any time we had a question or problem, whether it be large or small, our questions were answered and problems resolved very expeditiously. To say the least, I was very pleased with the overall service Zack and his company consistently provided.
If Zack wasn’t available at a critical time, then there was always someone else to assist. Not long after using Advantage, our company decided to relocate from its North Jersey office to a location in South Jersey. In preparing for our move I was concerned with what was going to happen with the support and service Advantage was providing. I did not want to search for another company in the area to provide us with support and service for our computer system. After speaking with Zack, he provided a quote to move our equipment to the new location and continue with our support and service. Zack assured me that he would be able to address almost any technical issue remotely without having to be onsite, which was one of my biggest concerns. I can say since our relocation, we had several critical issues that Advantage (Zack) was able to rectify remotely without requiring a site visit.

As always, Zack and Advantage Computers has provided our company with the support and service we have come to expect and would highly recommend them for any computer needs, whether it be from sales, support or service.

John Mezzina
November 26, 2014

Our company has been working with Advantage since the 1990’s and have been a loyal client ever since. Advantage does not make it very difficult to be loyal as they offer services from the most intricate and personalized to the global scale. Our company has grown beyond its doors of a local office to National and now International due to the dependability, trustworthiness and intellect of the Network Managers at Advantage.

RCL is very dedicated to our clientele and more often than none offer our services well after the 5pm quitting time. Advantage has risen to this occasion with us for more than 15 years consistently; with immediate call backs, emergency weekend calls and onsite service well after hours expected of any vendor. RCL values Advantage as much more than a vendor; we value them as a partner and have recommended their esteemed company with 100% confidence to our valued clientele. The Advantage personnel are extremely professional and passionate about their services which are revealed in the success of their clients. We are very grateful for their honest and intelligible opinions when assessing our needs. They have been spot on and saved us thousands of dollars over the years. The Advantage Team is absolutely amazing and share their creativity and masterful skills without hesitance. We are thankful to Advantage for so many successful years and look forward to many more!

Cherie Avinger
Senior Manager
RCL Agencies, Inc. Clifton, NJ

Cherie Avinger
July 22, 2010

Advantage Computer Solutions has handled all of our computer and IT needs for the past 2 years. The staff is always professional and the service is always prompt. When your computers are down or not working properly is affects all aspects of your business, it is wonderful to have such a reliable team on our side.

Since 1996 the Housing Authority of the City of Passaic has been a client of Advantage Computer Solutions. Our Agency has utilized their outstanding services and expertise to solve our technologic problems and growth over the past eighteen years. We would like to personally thank them for proposing cost effective solutions while reducing labor-intense tasks and associated costs.

Today there is a wide verity of vendors, but none that could match Advantage Computer Solutions rapid response times. When our network was down Advantage was there solving our problem while offering the most cost effective solution.

The Authority appreciates their outstanding service and will continue to utilize their expertise as they are in business. They have demonstrated to our Agency that they truly care about the client well-being.

I recommend their networking expertise and services to any organization who is reaching out for help and or guidance. The Authority commends their ability to put their clients first, that why we have been a customer over the last eighteen years.


Michael S. O’Hara

Michael S. O’Hara
Network Systems Administrator
Passaic Housing Authority
52 Aspen Place
Passaic, NJ. 07055.

“When the computer I use to run my photography business started acting erratically and kept shutting down, I was in a panic. I depend on that computer to deliver final products to my clients.

Fortunately, I brought my HP into Advantage for repair and in one day I had my computer back. Not only did your technicians do an amazing job in replacing the motherboard and power supply, they spent a considerable amount of effort making sure that the operating system was recognizing all the components and programs. they did not let me leave the store until they were sure EVERYTHING was working perfectly.

I thank you for your knowledge, speed, and integrity in getting my computer, and my business, back in working order. Thank you very much.”

Phil Cantor,

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