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Firewall Installation

firewall installation NJOur Corporate Firewall is a software appliance firewall and VPN system complete with integrated security hardened operating system (based on Fedora REDHAT Linux). Deployed on standard server or PC hardware, it is designed to fulfill the Internet security needs of small to medium size organizations and corporate branch offices. It can be extended to a full Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution via add-on modules, combining multiple security functions on a single UTM appliance located at the network perimeter.


Perimeter security is always best; keeping the bad guys, their attacks, viruses, spy-ware and mal-ware from ever getting beyond the gatekeeper to your network. Corporate Firewall controls what Internet services users can access, as well as the traditional role of blocking access to hackers and other Internet threats.


Web Security and Content Filtering:
Non work-related browsing can have a very detrimental impact upon your organization’s productivity. Guardian is the answer, controlling or monitoring access to social networking, news, shopping and dozens of other website categories (currently up to 84 different categories); as well as blocking pornography and all objectionable content. The Guardian module also protects against web threats by blocking spy-ware and browser exploits, controlling the use of active code such as ActiveX and JavaScript and by anti-virus scanning web pages and file downloads. the filter insures its filtering capabilities via the weekly updated for its built-in websites list.



Employee Productivity
Chatting to friends? Booking a vacation? Browsing eBay?

Guardian ensures that employees use their time productively by controlling access to non work-related sites, such as news, sport, travel and auctions. Obviously many organizations allow their employees reasonable access to such sites, where Guardian’s time-based policies can permit access to non work-related categories at break times and outside of core working hours.


Email Security and Anti-Virus:
The EmailZap module enforces email security at the network perimeter, before threats reach their intended mail server or client target. EmailZap incorporates the highly effective Mailshell anti-virus engine which combines content analysis with sender reputation checking and bulk email detection via continuous updates to detection signatures.


Instant Messaging
Control the use of Instant Messaging applications such as MSN, AOL and ICQ.

As a fast and often more efficient alternative to email, instant messaging use is growing every day. However, when unmonitored it can encourage misuse, time-wasting and expose organizations to significant legal risks. Guardian incorporates tools to help managers block, monitor, log or censor IM conversations, so that misuse can be minimized and its advantages can be more easily evaluated.


Monitor Internet behavior and resource utilization.

A comprehensive selection of built-in reports includes most visited sites, user activity, attempted access to blocked pages, bandwidth utilization and performance. Managers can access those daily, weekly or monthly reports to view and insure that company policies are followed.


Bandwidth Management (QoS):
If you want to prioritize interactive traffic such as VoIP and web browsing for consistent performance and quality while maximizing the utilization of Internet connections, then ourĀ  TrafficShaper module is your solution.


Stability was the primary design goal for Our Corporate Firewall, in recognition of the fact that most small and mid-sized organizations have limited IT resources and specialized skills. Keeping that on mind, the firewall was designed to “set it and forget it”, all scheduled maintenance and updates are done remotely without the need for expensive frequent visits.

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