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Cloud Services

Cloud services NJCloud Services – Professionally Hosted Data Center Solutions for Businesses in the Tri-State area.

Cloud IT is now essential for most small and mid-sized businesses. The cloud offers the benefits of a professionally managed data center. You will enjoy cutting edge technology solutions without the need to purchase, run and maintain the required equipment. Advantage Computers works with local and nationwide vendors to host your servers and provide very low overhead and set up costs.



Hosted Virtual Cloud Servers

All the members of your team will access the applications and files hosted on Google Apps for Business just as if they were physically hosted at your office location. You will enjoy the highest quality of service with regards to uptime, data protection and back up. This will enable your entire organization to concentrate on your primary business instead of bothering about IT challenges.

Cloud-Based Email Solutions

Your business email can be hosted on cloud-based Google Apps.  We offer the most reliable business email solutions that will improve communication among members of your team and make the entire team more productive. This email solution also saves overhead costs.

In addition, you will be able to use the Google Apps for Business to gain access to all your emails, contacts, calendars and planning tools from any location.

Easy Real Time Collaboration

If you want all your team members to be able to work on the same project from different locations around the globe, you will enjoy using Google Apps for business. It will empower all users in your company to share, communicate and work on any task from anywhere and save the results for others to view in real time.

Customizable Cloud Solutions

No matter how big or small your organization is, we have a cloud-based Google Apps for Business package which we can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company. For instance, small businesses can improve communication among team members with integrated instant messaging (IM), a web conferencing application for online meetings, and several multi-user data sharing office applications for effective collaboration on all projects.

Overall Advantage Computers Cloud IT solutions will provide excellent services and applications that will boost daily productivity, reduce startup and overhead costs and give you all time required to improve your bottom line by focusing more on your primary business.

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